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August 25, 2020

President’s Letter – Sequassen Alumni Association

Greetings all,

As the summer is winding down, to say it was a different summer for Sequassen would be an understatement.  With the state of things, Sequassen was not able to open for resident camp for the first time in a long while, and possibly since opening in 1927.  Even though the camp was not open for Scouts to spend a week, there were opportunities for Scouts to come up and enjoy Sequassen for a day visit and short-term camping of a couple nights.  Sequassen also hosted a day camp for Cub Scout aged youth from the New Haven area who were able to use the waterfront, shoot BBs and archery and enjoy the beautiful woods so many of us have grown to love.  Over the course of the summer, we had roughly 700 Scouts roaming the trails of Sequassen and enjoying the refreshing crystal-clear waters of West Hill Pond.

Although the Sequassen resident program did not occur, that provided time for many other projects to get worked on.  The maintenance committee continued to work on signage around camp to assure that Scouts and other visitors do not get lost finding key areas of camp.  A skeleton crew worked at camp all summer keeping the fields mowed and doing some other various tasks around camp.  This summer was the summer of log splitting.  In the spring, many dead trees that posed safety hazards were removed and all of the remaining logs were processed.  The tropical storm came through Sequassen and also dropped a number of trees that needed to be dealt with.  For the number of trees that came down, camp was very lucky in that the only damage was a shed roof and a tent platform that got damaged.  Other projects that were completed included converting shed roofs to metal.  The tower at the waterfront the Alumni donated many years ago also got a new paint job as well as all new trim boards to replace the initial boards that were starting to rot from age.

Through the support of Jennifer Jackson, the Dave Farley Waterfront Classroom project has gained major steam with her excitement and energy.  Donors have had the option to obtain face masks with both scouting and generic themes to drum up support for the project.  With the monies raised, we are almost ready to start the classroom phase of the improvement and hopefully we will raise enough to also complete the viewing area and pavilion by the time the classroom is done.  If anyone has not made a donation to the project that would like to, please visit or send a check to our treasurer, Matthew Balls (110 Arlington St. West Haven, CT 06516).

Over the summer, Tom Gordon and Ben Cruson worked feverishly on taking a very significant piece of Sequassen history and making it available for all to appreciate.  This resulted in “Sparks from the Council Fire” a collection of letters from Chief himself to scouts from the then Quinnipiac council and their responses being published.  As indicated on the first page of the book in a letter from Chief himself, this was a wish of his which has finally been realized after all these years.  If you have not already obtained a copy of the book and would like one, there is a limited supply of them available through the online store for either local pick-up or shipped to your home.  The book is not the only new thing the Alumni has available, we also created a 2020 Camp Sequassen patch.  Although there was not a traditional summer season, we were open and available for Scouts and Scouters so we wanted to make sure that this was commemorated in a patch for the summer indicating that we persevered even in the uncertainty that was summer 2020.  As a fundraiser, we made 200 patches at $10 a patch.  As of this writing, there are only about 90 still available.  If you would like to purchase either of these items, please check out the online store at:

Unfortunately, after postponing the 2020 Gala Dinner from the initial June date to the fall in the hopes of being able to run the event with restrictions lifted, that does not appear like it is going to occur.  As a result of this, the Gala Committee has decided that it would be in the best interest of the event and potential participants to forgo the event in 2020 and focus on making the Gala 2021 an even greater success.  Currently, we have Friendship booked for the weekend of October 16-18 for the Fall Reunion weekend.  More information will be coming out on this as it becomes available.  Currently the cabins at Sequassen are not available for use, so we may have a need to modify this to be either a day-only event or have another Zoom meeting for the business meeting (and new officer elections) like we did in the spring.  Either way, stay tuned for updates.  As always, please help to spread the word about the Alumni and push to get people involved in the organization.  With the loss of summer camp, obtaining new members is going to be more challenging, but if everyone helps, we can keep the numbers up.  If you have not yet renewed your membership for the 2020-2021 year, please consider doing so using the following link:

Thank you for all your support!

Yours in the Spirit of Sequassen,

David Applegate

Sequassen Alumni Association


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