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November 10, 2019

President’s Letter – Sequassen Alumni Association

Good day all,

I hope this letter finds you and your family doing well.  As the season changes, there are many exciting changes occurring at Sequassen.  Since the last letter, the Alumni held the first ever Trade-o-Ree at Sequassen.  We had many vendors there and it was a great event for those in attendance.  We are hoping to expand the event in the future to try and get more people to attend the event and get more people to our beautiful camp.  If any of you have suggestions of what can be done, please pass them on to us at  Some ideas that have been proposed thus far include offering Scouting Heritage merit badge during the event as well as possibly running it in conjunction with an event showcasing and using the new trades building and area of Sequassen, but all ideas are greatly appreciated and will be considered to continue to expand and grow the events the Alumni hold.

From the Gala held in June, we were able to purchase the dining hall kitchen at Sequassen a new walk-in refrigerator.  That was delivered in the end of August and it has been installed replacing the old one that was there.  The new walk-in is a much needed improvement that will now help in the preservation of food during the summer months.  The walk-in has been used by a few groups already this fall who have commented on the improvement over the previous cooler.  Looking forward to next year’s Gala, the goal would be to bring in enough funding to replace the floor in the kitchen with a commercial grade flooring product that would be easier to clean as well as doing any required maintenance to the floor itself.  We are now looking forward and already preparing for the Gala coming this June. Registration is available using the following link (2020 Gala Registration) and will be at a reduced cost of $35 until December 31st, 2019 at which point it will increase to $40.  We are also looking for table leaders who will help to recruit a total of 8 people to attend the event with a perk for the leader.  If you are interested in being a table leader, please contact us and we will get back to you with more details.  If you have, or come upon, any items that would be beneficial to have in the raffle or silent auction, please let us know and we can make arrangements for obtaining them.

A project that we have had on the books for a while, the Bogan Waterfront Wall project has finally begun with the phase I portion almost complete.  As seen in the pictures at the end, the cement blocks for the retaining wall replacement project were delivered to camp about 3 weeks ago.  The work of removing the old rocks that have become loose and continually slide of the wall into the pond and replacing them with the new blocks was completed over the last couple of weeks.  This will be a vast improvement not only to the safety of all those who use the waterfront area, but it will also help to prevent the erosion of the beach that was occurring through the many openings in the rocks that were only growing larger with each passing year.  The final part of this phase is to bring in fill, topsoil and sand to grade the land and plant grass seed on the boating area side with the sand on the swimming area side of the tower.

Although the replacement of the waterfront wall is complete, there is still another component of the project that we do not have sufficient funding for as of yet.  The plan has an amphitheater style classroom along with a level picnic area and permanent pavilion which will be additional phases of the entire project.  At the Fall Weekend Meeting, we as an organization were approached with a proposal to collect funds for this new part of the project and have it be a memorial to Mr. David Farley, son of John and Josephine Farley, a family and scouter himself with lasting ties to Sequassen.  Dave was a staff member’s son running around camp, then a camper, staffer and leader at Sequassen.  This past February he tragically passed away leaving his wife and daughters behind.  We have set-up a fund and location on our website for individuals to make a donation in honor of Dave.  If you have not had an opportunity to do so and would like to make a donation in honor of Dave, please use the link to help give his daughters a lasting memory and place they can connect with their father. (Dave Farley Waterfront Fund)  Please feel free to distribute this link along with the flyer attached to the message to anyone you know who might be interested in making a donation in honor of Dave’s memory.

Finally, at the fall meeting, it was requested that the bylaws of the organization be examined and revised in a few instances to update and clarify some of the wording and expectations.  The Executive Board is going to be meeting before the end of the calendar year to discuss the potential by-law revisions.  If any of the member have something they feel should be considered, please forward it along to us and we will take it under advisement.  The goal is to have the revisions out for the Spring meeting.  The spring meeting will be held before the Gala dinner at Sequassen on June 13th starting at 5:00PM.  Please mark your calendars for both the Gala and the spring meeting.  If anyone has ideas of a possible event they would like to try out or if you want more information on a committee, please let us know.  The more people we can get actively involved in the organization, the better off we all will be and the better off Sequassen will be.  The Alumni is really helping to make a difference in the experience of the scouts who call Sequassen their home, thank you to everyone for the part that they play in this worthwhile and lofty endeavor.  All your time, efforts, and financial support go a long way to helping keep the traditions and spirit of Sequassen alive for each generation.


In the Spirit of Sequassen,

David Applegate

Mr. David Applegate

Sequassen Alumni Association


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