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February 12, 2019

President’s Letter – Sequassen Alumni Association

Greetings all,

With the hectic holiday season over and 2019 well underway, there are many exciting happenings around Sequassen.  Although the trails do not have as many scouts walking them as they will this coming summer, the camp has been extremely busy, and Ranger Dave has completed many projects with many more on the docket.  At our fall weekend meeting, we approved the funding of a pavilion to be placed in Roger Sherman campsite for the use of the Wilderness Patrol program during the summer season, and troop usage during the off-season.  On a rainy Saturday in October, a few alumni members worked with Ranger Dave to mix and pour the concrete for the anchors of the new 20’x30’ pavilion while others precut the wood for the structure to aid in the assembly.  Over the next two weeks, with the help of other alumni members, the pavilion took form and the structure has been completed and a picture of the finished product is included in this mailing.  Woodchips were then spread under the pavilion as well as the satellite campsites which had rocks and roots removed to make them more suitable for tent camping.

The Alumni also approved the funds to redo the Hermit Shack latrine which was in dire shape.  With that funding, a new vault along with a new structure have been completed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Hermit Area.  The latrine keeps with the rustic nature of the Hermit area, but now provides for a useable location for those enjoying the Hermit area.  Additionally, we authorized the funds for 10 new picnic tables to be constructed which were completed at the January mini-work party.  Upon completion of the picnic tables, new tables were brought up to the Roger Sherman pavilion to go along with the new pavilion.

The Bogan Waterfront project has also taken steps forward at this point.  A land survey of the Bogan waterfront area was conducted and a civil engineer drew up plans for the renovation project with proper altitude marks.  These plans were then brought to the West Hill Pond Association and the town of New Hartford.  As of early February, we have the required permits to move ahead with the project and hopefully the project will begin this fall as the water level is dropped exposing the wall and allowing for the needed repairs.

As far as our organization goes, Matthew Balls has been hard at work to be sure that the Alumni is memorialized in the English Dining Hall.  Since the renovation of the dining hall many years ago, the Alumni has not had a banner hanging due to the requirements of wall objects.  Our old hanging item did not meet the health code and was not allowed to go back up.  Matt has put in countless hours to create a beautiful rendition of our current patch routed into a large piece of plywood and painstakingly painted.  This will be hung in the dining hall to bring the Alumni presence back to the dining hall after all these years.

On the program side, we have been working and making progress on the Trade-O-Ree discussed at the Fall Weekend to occur during the 2019 Fall Weekend.  The flyer has been made (and is attached to this message) and a website for the event has been created and added to our current website for vendors to acquire tables for the event (  Any assistance that you can offer for the event would be greatly appreciated.  The committee is looking for donations of patches that could either be sold at the Alumni’s table during the event or placed in the auctions that will occur as a part of the event.

Planning for the 2019 Gala Dinner is also in full steam.  Many raffle and silent auction items have already been procured, but the more items we can obtain, the better the event will be.  Some highlights for the auction are a painting of the Hermit Shack and handmade Sequassen mugs made by Forest Bogan, son of Chief.  Last year’s event was a great time and this year’s goal is to break the 100-participant mark. Tickets are available through the website (       as well as updates to the auction and raffle items as they come in.  The funds from our first gala were enough to purchase a brand-new 10 burner stove with dual ovens for the kitchen to replace the old original stove that was no longer functioning.  Looking ahead, the next item we are looking to replace is the walk-in vegetable cooler that is struggling to hold temperature during the hot summer months and causing food to spoil as a result.  If you have any suggestions for either the Trade-o-Ree or the Gala, please send us a message at  If you have any items that you would be willing to donate for either of the silent auctions or the Gala raffle items, please contact Tom Gordon (

Keeping Sequassen in good working order and providing new and exciting opportunities for the scouts and scouters who call Sequassen their home is no small task.  Through the support of so many individuals, we are able to provide quality programs and facilities for our campers.  I would like to extend a huge thank-you to everyone who has helped to keep Sequassen in the great shape it is in while still holding strong to the traditions of the camp.

Yours in Sequassen,

David J Applegate

Sequassen Alumni Association


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